Canada Occupation In-Demand List 2021-2022

What Is The NOC List Of Canada?

The National Occupational Classification List is a database developed by the Government of Canada. It categorizes all the professions in the country present in the Canadian labor market.

Express Entry: If you wish to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry, you must be grouped in skill type 0, A or B.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot: If you wish to immigrate to Canada via the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, your work experience must be Skill Type / Level 0, A, B or C.

List Of High Demand Occupations In Canada 2021

NOC Code Job Title
0111 Finance Manager
0112 HR Manager
0211 Project Manager
0213 Computer and Information Systems Manager
0711 Constructions Managers
1111 Financial Auditors and Accountants
1112 Financial and Investment Analyst
1114 Financial Officers
1211 Supervisor, General Officer, and Administrative Support Workers
1414 Receptionists
2133 Electrical and Electronics Engineer
2175 Web Designers and Developers
3012 Registered Nurse
4163 Business Development Officers
6222 Merchandiser
6411 Sales Associate
7312 Heavy-duty Mechanic
7327 Welder
7425 Flying Crews
7511 Transport Truck Drivers
7521 Heavy Equipment Operators
7611 Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers
NOC Code Job Title

Find Your NOC Type

Identify Different Industries NOC Type Code

Skill TypeJob Opportunity
Skill type 0Management occupation
Skill type 1Business, finance, and administration occupations
Skill type 2Natural and applied sciences and related occupations
Skill type 3Health occupations.
Skill type 4Occupation in education, law, and social, community, and government services
Skill type 5Occupation in art, culture, and relation in sports
Skill type 6Sales and service occupations
Skill type 7Trades, transports, and equipment operators and related occupations
Skill type 8Natural resources, agriculture, and related production occupations
Skill type 9Occupation and manufacturing in utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The NOC system is used to classify the jobs. These jobs are grouped based on the type of:

  • Job duties
  • Work a person does

An employment reference letter provides the following information about the applicant that is required during the immigration process.
  • Job title
  • Salary
  • The average hours of work per week
  • The dates of employment
  • The detailed list of employment duties and responsibilities

You can get a reference employment letter from your employer.

If you cannot get a reference employment letter from your employer, then you have to explain it to the visa officer. Provide supporting documents for your NOC code to the visa officer. These supporting documents include a letter that explains you cannot provide a reference employment letter.

NOC is used for immigration and job purposes.

  • You can select your NOC for immigration purposes. Then you may consult an immigration professional to choose a correct NOC code.
  • Government job boards such as job banks post their jobs using NOC code. So, you can effortlessly search for jobs using NOC codes.

If your job is skill level C or D

  • you may be able to come to Canada as a provincial nominee (all skill types/levels),
  • you may be able to come to Canada through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (skill type/level 0, A, B, or C), or
  • you may be able to work here for up to two years.

NOC major groups are the numbers that refer to the first two digits of a NOC code together.

Example: Major group 31 refers to an occupation in health ministry (skill type 3). It generally requires university education (skill level A). All the NOC codes of these jobs begin with 31. Such as dentists(3113), pharmacists ( 3131), nutritionists (3132) etc.

NOC minor groups are the numbers that refer to the first three digits of a NOC code. They pair within a major group.

Example: Both judges (4111) and lawyers (4112) are in a minor group 411. The first two digits belong to the major group 41.

National Occupational Classification is very important to Canadian office administrators. The IRCC uses the NOC system to analyze the skill shortage in Canada. The importance of the NOC system of Canada is listed below.
  • The NOC helps both the Canadian government and employers to choose the right candidate. The NOC system identifies the correct candidate according to the job duties.
  • The NOC system provides information about each occupation. This information includes job title, description, and responsibilities related to the occupation.
  • The NOC system is significantly important to the Canadian Immigration Process. You cannot apply for other programs without a NOC code.
  • NOC skill level identifies the occupation and classifies them based on type and amount of training.

You should check for other NOC codes if you don’t have a NOC. Select a NOC code that will be relevant to your job.

It will take 3-4 hours to get a NOC through initial evaluation services. It will take 48 hours to get the NOC at the most.

Apply under the NOC your work experience related closest to. You will not be refused if you don’t have a license, but it is very common to have issues when the description of your duties does not match your NOC. Your best option would be to contact an immgration consultancy who will guide you correctly.

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